“The veil of emotions: Alireza among the beautiful and fiery eyes of Venus and Azar” ek iş

“The veil of emotions: Alireza among the beautiful and fiery eyes of Venus and Azar” ek iş 2022

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In a nomadic region, a story full of tension and social and emotional conflicts unfolds between characters named Alireza, the son of Venus, and Azar, an evil woman. Alireza, as the son of Venus, is introduced as a symbol of authenticity and deep connection with family and social values. On the other hand, Azar, with the role of an evil woman, represents a force that uses their water to achieve its goals due to not accepting permission from Alireza, the son of Venus.

These conflicts are not only limited to individual and family dimensions, but also spread to social and economic dimensions. The context in which these events occur is rich and full of values from cultural and social aspects, but at the same time, the conflict between personal and social needs and demands intensifies conflicts and tensions.

This story not only as a love story, but also as an exhibition of contradictions and conflicts in nomadic societies, as well as the strong role of women in these societies, becomes an attractive subject for investigation and discussion.

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““The veil of emotions: Alireza among the beautiful and fiery eyes of Venus and Azar” ek iş” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Ни здрасте пришла воды ей надо нихрена себе ещё машется кидает чем попало в парня.

  2. Как свинья бросает пластиковые потом солнце сильное будет и загорится

  3. Где же Халил с матерью брали воду раньше. Что нельзя побольше боклашек набрать и привести. Мама в гости приходила могла бы принести знает же проблему.

  4. Im so happy Alireza came home to visit his mother. Now that she needs him and Darius has gone home. Now lets see what the little troll does after he gives her a shower.😄😄 Hope the land owner goes and throws her out or puts her in jail for breaking the lock. For some reason they seem to get away from everything bad they do.

  5. Αζαρ εισε άρωστη από το μυαλό ψυχοπαθή ζώο δεν προκιτε να αλλάξεις ολλο ενοχλεί τινζορα ..τέρας αζαρ

  6. تحيه علي رضا بعودته لامه هاذي زوجه الثانيه ازرار يجب تروح للسجن مكانه 🇮🇶🇮🇶🌺🌺👍👍🌧️🌧️🌧️🌨️🌨️🌿🌿🤔🤔😋😋😋😔😔😜😜😜😜

  7. How do you cameraman characterize this behavior??? If I speak my mind again will I be punished like this??? But this woman doesn’t look like her. She needs a doctor, she has audacity, she has imbalances and a lot of malice. She only pays attention to her mother. Call the police. She’s crazy, the woman knocks, shouts, ok, she has issues but take them out on someone else

  8. Наглость, второе счастье. Так и у Азар, все брать наглость.
    А вот мусор выбрасывает, так можно у них делать.
    Свое место где живёт, поганит.
    Собрать пустой пластик и потом сжечь трудно.
    КАКИЕ то свиньи. 😮

  9. هیچ وقت مثل یک انسان نیومدن آب ببرن‌ و هیچ وقت هم آب نبردن از اینجا فکر میکنند همه چی با زوره

  10. Правильно проучил эту наглую соседку, а в следующий раз надо вызвать полицию и сделать официально предупреждение! Не поможет предупреждение, её по другому накажут.

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