The 320km/h ICE3neo is Germany’s Best Train…. BY A MILE! ek iş

The 320km/h ICE3neo is Germany’s Best Train…. BY A MILE! ek iş 2022

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Hello and welcome back to Germany, where today we’ll be riding their new high-speed train!

We’ll be riding from Cologne to Frankfurt onboard the NEW ICE3neo. An updated interior to this 320km/h highspeed train has brought them right up to date with the very best in Europe now, so let’s go and check them out together!

Date of Filming: 6/1/24
Camera: GoPro Hero 12 Black
Operator: DB (Deutsche Bahn)
Departure: Köln Hbf
Arrival: Frankfurt (Main) Hbf
Cost: First Class – €29.80 (£25.35, $32.57)

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00:00 – Intro
01:25 – Arrival at Köln Hbf & Tour
02:35 – Heading to the Platform
03:48 – ICE3neo Arrival & Route Info
04:55 – Boarding & First Impressions
05:35 – Departure & Pricing
06:45 – Crossing the River Rhine
07:24 – First Class Seat Tour
09:54 – A Look at the Toilets & Dining Car
11:15 – A Look at Accessibility & Second Class
12:36 – First Class Dining
12:56 – 320km/h Speed & Window Views
13:31 – Calling at Frankfurt Airport
14:30 – Trip Summary & Arrival at Frankfurt Hbf
15:41 – Outro

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  1. To say that the Rhine flows THROUGH France is unfortunately wrong. It just flows part of the way ALONG France.

  2. 1:00 The „Ulmer Münster“ actually is 161,5 meters high, making it the highest church tower in the world.

  3. It should be noted that this is very likely close to the train set that will be used on the California HSR system, since Siemens Mobility will assemble them at their plant in Sacramento, California USA.

  4. With trains like this why take a plane. One thing missing and important, you failed to show bicycle parking on the train. I need to know this as I travel by rail and bicycle. Thanks

  5. 04:29 Wooow its very rarely see a cargotrain in this station because this station is very busy with normal trains and there is a extra second track over cologne south!!!! 😮😮😮😮😮

  6. Yes, you can turn up and take any free seat in your class of travel but, BEWARE: trains in Germany are VERY popular and even the first class will very often be completely full! Much better to pay the couple of euros for a reservation, imho

  7. The seats still are very bad for tall people like me so I hate this train and every train that has similar seats to it.

  8. Awesome coverage!
    Unfortunately these ICE3 neo sets are very rare in South of Germany especially in Baden-Württemberg.
    (Berlin-Frankfurt-Karlsruhe-Basel route)
    The saddest part is the OG ICE1 and ICE2 sets are being replaced by mundane looking ICE 4 trainsets.

  9. Hang on – I was just in Pakistan with you…less than ten hours later I’m in Cologne? SLOW DOWN, DUDE!!!


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