SpaceX Starship to launch again when!? This is nuts! ek iş

SpaceX Starship to launch again when!? This is nuts! ek iş 2022

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SpaceX just rocked the world with the ground breaking second integrated flight test a week ago, but since then, an absolute mountain of great information has been thrown out pretty much daily. SpaceX Starship to Launch again when!? Musk has his optimistic timelines when the hardware for flight 3 will be ready, but how true could that be? You might be surprised, because this is nuts!

SpaceX Starship Explosion Filmed from the Florida Keys!

Starship | 360 Video of Liftoff

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“SpaceX Starship to launch again when!? This is nuts! ek iş” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Those engines up high looks like scifi movie engines just glowing but providing thrust … Oh wait, we do live in Scifi world of our youth actually :O — progress over past 2 decades has been just mindblowing

  2. Wow! Congratulations Marcus. The Half Mill Subscribers! Then the 100 Mill Views. Your enthusiasms are well rewarded and well earned. This is one of your best. Brilliant work by SpaceX too!!! Mind you they are all great. Onwards and Upwards. Best wishes to you from Chris

  3. As always Marcus a great video, and your optimistic delivery really gets across how amazing these launches and space developments are.

    If anyone has a VR headset with the YouTube VR app I recommend watching that 360 degree Starship launch video in VR. It’s like you’re standing on the launch tower and it really gets across the sheer size of the vehicle and the power and fury of the launch. Absolutely incredible!

  4. The rapid disassembly footage looks incredible. The blast gases look amazing in such an unfamiliar part of the atmosphere, the dynamics of the plume looks so unfamiliar and cool. Love it!!

  5. I’ve seen one video of stage one falling away and you can see the hot stage leaving with the booster with its center glowing red hot. Surprised you didn’t put tiles on that surface. At 3:49 there’s something about that dome at the end that just doesn’t look right. Looks like fuel did get slammed end to end like you said. Interior baffles are the only solution when confronted with these kinds of forces.


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