Nomadic child’s bath: Naveed is bathed by Akram ek iş

Nomadic child’s bath: Naveed is bathed by Akram ek iş 2022

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Hello to you all dear friends. Welcome to DORUD channel 💙💛 .
In the previous episodes, Akram and her children built a small house as a nomadic family. But this small nomadic house has not yet been completed and does not have facilities such as a bathroom. However, because the weather in Akram’s living area is almost warm, they can bathe in the open air during these days. Akram, who is a hardworking nomadic woman, bathes Navid in the tent. After Navid finishes bathing, she and her children, move the stones so that they can build a platform near their house. In nomadic families, cooperation is the first item to have a good life.
In this channel, we are going to learn about the culture and tradition of rural people. Akram and her family are a charming and lovely family who live in a village in the mountains of Iran and are going to share their daily life with us.🌸💜🌸
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