Navid is vaccinated: Akram takes her baby to the health center for vaccination ek iş

Navid is vaccinated: Akram takes her baby to the health center for vaccination ek iş 2022

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Hello to you all dear friends. Welcome to DORUD channel 💙💛 .
Iran is a country with good medical and health facilities. Health centers have been established in the nomadic villages of Zagros region, where mundane tasks are performed well. Vaccination of nomadic rural children is one of the tasks that these centers perform.
Today was a very busy day for Akram. The day before, she installed the water tanker by her children, and the next day, after doing her daily chores, she went to the health center. There, the doctor checked Navid’s condition and after giving medicine to Akram, he vaccinated her child. This vaccine is given to a child when he is four months old.
In this channel, we are going to learn about the culture and tradition of rural people. Akram and her family are a charming and lovely family who live in a village in the mountains of Iran and are going to share their daily life with us.🌸💜🌸
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  1. Με τόση ζέστη κ φοράει πολλά ρουχα το μωρό.γιαυτο δυσανασχετεί.ο γιατρος εινσι επιπόλαιος.δε δίνει σωστές οδηγιες

  2. Αν το θηλαζε κ ταυτόχρονα του έκανε την ένεση το μωρό δε θα υπέφερε τοσο

  3. So sad for goats they are thirsty but no water they will die with out water please arenge the water for poor goats Akram sister

  4. Do not give sugar to your kids and the bread turns into sugar after consumption. Try to give only veggies fruit and protein.

  5. Овцы от. Голода и жажды умирают ,я сто раз писала ,хоть бы ветки с деревьев срывали и бросали в загон ,так всегда делают на канале Доона ,неужели это тяжело сделать ,или вы комментарии не читаете ,их не так и много пишут ,можно прочитать .

  6. Does the photographer, Ibn Akram? The reflection of the photographer’s image on the refrigerator door resemble her son who is in the army

  7. السلام عليكم
    حذاري من الثعابين حذاري حذاري
    ربنا يستركم ويسترنا .

  8. البنت الصغيره يبغالها تقويم في الاكل وفي كل شيء
    انها مدللة جداااااااا

  9. تفكر في اطفالها وسعدتهم وصحتهم اتمنا عندما يكبرون يردون لها الجميل حقاً انها ام بمعنا الكلامه مكافحه قويه وذكيه قلببها يتدفق حب الي اطفالها الله يحفضك ايتها الام


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