Growing big sized or big leaf money plant (pothos) whether in soil or in water is easy if you follow these 10 secret tips and hacks to get a bushy money plant. We will also show you tricks on Propagating money plants and how to get large sized leaves in this video. Money plant or pothos botanically called Epipremnum aureum is basically an ornamental vine and the most common plant found in home gardens and commonly an indoor plant grown in a water container. It is called money plant because it is believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to you. Well, superstitions apart!, But this is one of the NASA recommended air purifying plant. It has many common names like golden pothos, Ceylon creeper, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, silver vine, marble queen, taro vine, devil’s vine or devil’s ivy and so on. TIME STAMPS (CHAPTERS): 1. COMMON NAMES FOR MONEY PLANT: 0:55 2. VARIETIES OF MONEY PLANTS: 1:24 3. PROPAGATION OF MONEY PLANT: 2:25 4. MONEY PLANT CARE TIPS IN SOIL: 3:39 a. Sunlight: 3:59 b. Watering: 4:56 c. Potting Mix: 5:24 d. Repotting: 5:49 e. Fertilizers: 6:02 f. Pest Control: 6:45 5. HOW TO GET BIG SIZED LEAVES IN MONEY PLANT: 7:06 6. GROWING MONEY PLANT IN WATER: 8:40 RELATED VIDEOS: ASPIRING HACKS FOR GARDEN: BAKING SODA HACKS FOR GARDEN: NEEM OIL DETAILED VIDEO: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FOR PLANTS: RULES OF WATERING A PLANT: SUCCULENT POTTING MIX RECIPE: STUFF TO MAKE WELL DRAINING SOIL: 10 GARDEN OVERVIEW WITH COMMON HOUSE PLANT NAMES: AIR LAYERING TYPES AND TECHNIQUES: Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our Channel at: CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL TO “ON” TO RECEIVE UPDATES! Gardening Products I buy: Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter URL: Our Instagram Link: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Garden Tips – Gardening Channel in English – Gardening Tips Hindi – CHECK OUR PLAYLISTS: Our Website: My Purchased Gardening Products: Join Our WhatsApp Group to learn from experts: Please Join Here for a small fee. After Joining, please contact us with your youtube user id and whatsapp number to be added to our Gardening Family. Contact here – (enquiries). Happy Gardening! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #MoneyPlant #Pothos #Gardening #IndoorPlants #Garden






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