“Mahdi was found in the cemetery area: Zainab took Mehdi to the doctor for recovery” ek iş

“Mahdi was found in the cemetery area: Zainab took Mehdi to the doctor for recovery” ek iş 2022

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After the days of searching and worrying, Zainab managed to find Mehdi in an old area in a cemetery with great effort. When he reached there, he saw Mahdi’s clothes hanging on the tree and went towards that place. He found Mahdi lying under a tree and sleeping.

Zainab angrily approached Mehdi and said: “I have been looking for you from door to door for two days. I left the house because of you and you slept here!”

Mehdi answered in a calm and pleading voice: “I have no memory and I don’t want to cause you trouble.”

Zainab started talking with kindness and patience and with her words, she convinced Mehdi that they should go to the doctor. They went to the city and went to the doctor that Zainab had found. “This is a minor injury and it will heal very soon,” said the doctor after a careful examination.

Mehdi and Zainab were very happy to hear this news and said goodbye to the doctor with many thanks. Then they decided to return to the mountain path. That night, they rested inside a shelter under a rock, enjoying the warmth of a small fire and hoping for a bright future.

Zainab and Mehdi talked about their future while looking at the starry sky. Zainab said, “Together we can overcome any problem. I believe in you, Mahdi.”

Mehdi answered with a deep look at Zainab: “You are courage and hope for me. With you, anything is possible.”

They slept together in peace and safety and waited for the new day to come with new hopes. It should be seen what adventures and events are waiting for them tomorrow. Will Mehdi recover completely and start a new life with Zainab? Or will the mountain path and new challenges be on the way? Zainab and Mehdi’s adventure continues.

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  1. Fata asta e fugita de la parinti ca sa incurcat cu Melhi si batuta de tatal ei tot nu renunta cr femeie proasta se duce la Nargis si face scandal ce tupeu❤😂🎉😢😮😮

  2. 😂me estoy burlando de ti zainab si ya quédate con el para que ya empieze a darte de palazos te empiece a insultar te deje sin hogar le pegue luego a tu papá y mama porque va a querer nada más estar dormido y drogarse y si lo molestas pega como le pego a su hijo bebe y su exesposa y tenerte viviendo en medio de la montaña como techo un hule de plástico y 4 paredes de bolsas de plástico jajaja quiero ver más show golpes golpes jajaja y más mentiras😂

  3. Pandilla quiere que le hagan una casa que le agarren lástima y le hagan un palacio como el que le hicieron a Nayeli y esa mujer que piensa esa es otra de celebrar pará igual a él

  4. There’s nothing to worry about it’s all an act a bad one too and to this people that think they’re actors your not and your very bad at it too. And just to inform you we have brains and we are using it to see your stupid script you need to get advice from better directors to wright better script so as not to try and fool us sorry guy but we are more clever than you that’s about a hundred years behind 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. El está asín porque nargi nolo quiere esta niña si berda como cambia porque Seba a enamorar de hella llono lo beo tan malo es la boda que allenao

  6. Llo pienso que se va a enamorar de esta niña porque es buena con el y cuando recupere la memoria ba a pasar de nargi y la ba a deja tranquila este muchacho está deseperao porque hella nolo perdona y está desorientado berda como cambia y ba a pasar de nargi meda pena porque la droga lo vuelve loco y no están malo😢😢😢😢😢

  7. Are you kidding me with this one 😂😂 it’s the first time I’ve seen this but how fake can you get she recognized his clothes hanging on the tree plain black clothes is she a dog did she smell him and why didn’t he take his clothes off where he was sleeping so she could conveniently find them do they think that we have no brain to see through there stupid scripts 🙈😂😂😂😂


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