Mahbouba in a Painful Accident; Everyone is Anxious😔 ek iş

Mahbouba in a Painful Accident; Everyone is Anxious😔 ek iş 2022

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The nomads of Iran, with their unique culture and lifestyle, are a prime example of communal living and familial solidarity. Nomadic men and women spend their days working in various fields such as animal husbandry and agriculture, all the while maintaining kindness and love for one another in their hearts. In the face of life’s hardships and adversities, these individuals always come together with unity and support, and one of the most beautiful manifestations of this solidarity is their concern and worry when a family member falls ill. On one of these busy days, when all the members of Grandmother’s family were hard at work, suddenly Mahbouba felt that her hand had gone numb and she could not move it. This sudden incident caused great sadness and worry among the whole family. In the nomadic lifestyle, each family member plays an important role in daily tasks, and any problem affecting one member directly impacts the collective life. Concern and anxiety were evident on everyone’s faces, and each person tried in their own way to comfort Mahbouba and find a solution to her problem. After visiting the doctor and receiving medication, along with an appropriate injection, Mahbouba ‘s condition slightly improved and she was able to regain some feeling in her hand. This partial recovery relieved a great burden from everyone’s shoulders and brought smiles back to their faces. Throughout this ordeal, the family’s solidarity and support for Mahbouba highlighted the endless strength and affection of nomadic men and women, who always think of each other and help one another in difficult times. This event once again demonstrated that the nomads of Iran live with unity and love not only in hardships but in every moment of their lives, and this characteristic sets them apart from other communities. The nomadic lifestyle is filled with love, kindness, and mutual support, and these values are clearly visible in their everyday lives.
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  1. 7:04 Gaw bout TIME YA THOUGHT OF FARIBA’S HOUSE!!!! even a monkey can tell it wsn’t built in good condition 4rm that so call… fake “aww my back hurts”, fake “master-builder”, ” clown” haha. after finishing Fariba’s house her wakls nd roof Leaked… same thing happened over with Ekrem’s house!! what a waste of $$$ nd time. Hire ths man he seems smart nd knows what he’s doing… look at tha two big rooms they both look very, very nice nd Profesional. thats a Profesional there fixing Nessero’s house a Madter Builder he is 👍🏼🙌🏼

  2. Женщины у них на износ работают ,наравне с мужьями носят тяжести .нельзя так издеваться над ними .

  3. Omgosssh!!!! I ddn’t see Fariba WASH her hands touching tha dough w her germs nd cold sore LIPS making balls w tha dough 😳🤢☻️🥴🤡💩💩💩

  4. I was nervous, wondering what happened to Mahooba, thank you, And nothing bad happened to her,Because she cooked bread, it’s hot, then hold a cold one,That’s bad for us,Get well soon, I pray Your recovery,I love you all, Greetings from GMA CAVITE Philippines ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Козы очень справные не сравнить с озами у Акрамы ,она их непоит и не кормит ,вот и молока нет и дохнут

  6. Çok geçmiş olsun faribayla yaşamanız o içtenlik mutluluğunuz öyle guzelki Medine’nin annesini çok seviyor takdir ediyorum beş kız kardeş gibiler bayramınız mübarek olsun Mahmut bey inşaallah nasru ve ailesi çok uğraş mücadele veriyorlar haklarını hakkıyla veriyosundur şehirde bir ev alırlar inşallah büyük annenin ellerinden öperim

  7. محبوبه عزیزم انشاالله دستت هر چه زودتر خوب میشه و بهبودی کامل بدست میاری
    خداوند پشت و پناه خودت و خانوادت❤❤❤

  8. السلام عليكم ورحمة اخي محمود ان سبب ألم اليد وتشنجها.. هو من الرقبة يجب اخذ رنين مغناطيسي الفقرات العنقية. يجب ارتداء اسفنجة عنقية.. الشفاء العاجل يارب بحق محمد وال محمد الطيبين الطاهرين تحياتي للجميع

  9. Sou do Brasil da cidade de Tramandai RS. Mahbouba desejo melhoras pra vc,se cuida, coma pouco sal, fique longe dos refrigerantes porque aumentam a pressão e tome os seus remédios, vc vai ficar bem. ❤


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