July 5th, 2024 Podcast: Are Uber & Lyft Fraudulent? | July 4th Disaster ek iş

July 5th, 2024 Podcast: Are Uber & Lyft Fraudulent? | July 4th Disaster ek iş 2022

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Are these apps constituted as FRAUDS? Let’s discuss to see if we can figure out what this industry is all about, and the players who are involved.

Also, is TELEPORT (crypto TRIP token) real? or just another scheme against desperate drivers who are looking for more income.

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“July 5th, 2024 Podcast: Are Uber & Lyft Fraudulent? | July 4th Disaster ek iş” üzerine 16 yorum

  1. Check with your road commissioners. I worked for the county highway this time last year with my cdl. Anyway, they’re funded by state fuel tax. 0% from sales tax

  2. 25:12 Even if they convience drivers and what so ever people to belive in that, the federal reserve is obviously looking to take a chunk out of ur investments due to fee’s of cashing out on the crypto? Correct me if Im wrong if there’s not a penalty into extracting the money u invested into bit coin??? My friend built a farming computer with 5 graphics cards into farming bit coin and never won…. McAffee who is now dead always advised into building multiple farming machines into a solar powered shed in order to make real profit…..

  3. 8:00 always thinking of a way around there grip!!! Keep fighting for whats right for humanity,,, In the end its us humans vs an algorithm that is looking to defeat us humans thriving!!!!! Man you never fail to deliver material that defines us!!!!!! Keep exploiting evil that doesnt care for us to thrive as humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Got the switch installed. I’ve never called myself a handyman so I feel accomplished. That switched cost $80 on AutoZone thanks to Jeff telling me about eBay it cost $20

  5. ❤❤❤Lyft is SUPER DEAD in San Diego, California! David is trying to pay .67 to the airport from San Marcos to San Diego International Airport in TRAFFIC!

  6. Got my decal ( we the 300). Have to wait till next week after they place my company decal on my back window and 2 magnetic signs.

  7. Jeff when i try to convert a ride and i cancel for the rider uber automatically connects them with another driver and they have to cancel and they get charged a fee. Is there any way that they can cancel and not get charged?

  8. The employee pilot program you foresaw. I question if they are well on their way with this and are preparing traditional HR procedures under woke, experimental paradigm. Staging complaints against drivers for issues that support the need for a massive Govt sponsored programs, particularly in the non binary area. That allows them to meet unspoken mandates, by paying for and financing completely special, targeted people while reducing pay to the already oppressed true independent contractor drivers , of all backgrounds, races, religions, orientations. Think about it. In order to fairly introduce this type of measured justice, Ride Share companies would have to interview every driver specifically and in detail on their exact: Race. Religion. Age. Sexual Orientation. Then apply a handicap for allocated monies to correct the injustice. But hold on. They already have your age, race, height, weight. So, the new woke system is to label your religion and label your sexual identity so that the Ride Share may monetize your sexual identity or religion with TAX PAYER MONEY!!!!!! Just asking. Just brain storming.


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