I Went to the Largest DOG SHOW in Russia: Eurasia 2023 ek iş

I Went to the Largest DOG SHOW in Russia: Eurasia 2023 ek iş 2022

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Eurasia 2023 is the largest cynological event this fall, in which about 10 thousand dogs of more than 270 breeds take part. Discover with me what its like to attend the Largest Dog Show in Russia.

🌐 Eurasia Dog Show Website: https://eurasia.rkf.org.ru/
📍Crocus Expo Centre Location: Mezhdunarodnaya Ulitsa, 16, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, 143401
📍 Map Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ChDLS3UVjp5wyt9N9
⌚ Time of Filming: 1.00 pm (13.00 pm) 19th November 2023.

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“I Went to the Largest DOG SHOW in Russia: Eurasia 2023 ek iş” üzerine 20 yorum

  1. Thanks Russel. I so enjoy your commentary with the videos. I’ve watched the dog shows in America but never realize all that is involved in the shows.

  2. lmao at the news saying there is no heating in moscow while you guys heat warehouses, the misinformation is ridiculous keep up the good work.

  3. Обычно, женщины являются любителями кошек, но я заметил, что на этой выставке, рядом с собаками, в основном, находятся именно дамы 😁

  4. I’m a bit confused, i thought Russia was cat loving country?

    Anyways, interesting set of breeds. Most of them i don’t even know.

  5. The best expo in the world, I am a dog lover and owner, the porcelain doggies are wonderful never seen before . I will re watch this vid surely. Thanks for sharing your interesting excursion with fans. God bless your good works.😃🐕👑

  6. Было очень приятно посмотреть ваше видео! Я уже 24 года держу только собак и из них 12 лет – английских бульдогов. Для меня это самая лучшая порода. Им очень хорошо в квартире!

  7. Dogs and horses are my favourite animals . Being a country boy born and bred had something to do with that, lol.

  8. 6:21 These are, in my opinion, Russian Black Terriers, serious, strong service dogs, bred in the middle of the last century in the USSR. Their muzzle and eyes are covered with black wavy fur.

  9. Doggies are ❤❤❤ Mine is from a dog rescue volunteer from Tuapse (Sochi area). It’s not of any breed but the hairy dude is an absolute love of mine I had a couple of breeded dogs before but now I believe that adopting a dog or a cat is much better. I have have a cat too btw 🙂


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