I Took My Wife to a BELARUS SUPERMARKET (In Russia) ek iş

I Took My Wife to a BELARUS SUPERMARKET (In Russia) ek iş 2022

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What does a Belarus Supermarket look like inside. Join me on a Tour of a Belarus Supermarket in my small town in Moscow, Russia. Hatni Supermarket in Aprelevka, Russia is a unique Supermarket made up of over 90% Belarus made products.

🌐 Supermarket Name: Hatni Supermarket (Супермаркет Хатни)
🌐 Website: https://hatni.ru/
📍 Street Address: Sentyabrskaya ulitsa, 21, Aprelevka, Naro Forminsk
📍 Yandex Map Location: https://yandex.com/maps/-/CDVPVO9U
⌚ Time of Filming: 3:00 pm (15:00pm) 29th April 2024.

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  1. I decided to take my wife on a tour of a brand new supermarket in our town. The main different though, its 90% filled with products from Belarus. Have you tried Belarus food before? Is there a famous or favorite items I should give try. Let me know.

    If you want to check out the website for this store: https://hatni.ru/

    If you want to shout my wife lunch, or even better, maybe get to take me out for lunch ->>
    Ways you can support the channel:
    💳 (Russian Bank Deposit) SberBank: +7 916-313-0982
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  2. Dear Russell,

    Evgenya is lovely 👑🌟and adds a wonderful perspective to your videos ⭐️

    My husband and I were delighted to see you exploring a new shop together 🎉

    Thank you and please thank Evgenya 🎉Hope she joins you on many future videos.

    Best, Ann

  3. You should include your wife more in the videos because it makes it more validating with a couple shopping together as she is very lovely. I just subscribed, thank you for the good videos.

  4. Russell your wife is very lovely and please bring her on the videos with you. She does well and we do like her out here. I’m from Savannah Georgia. Maybe she shy but more times that she’s on you in the video she’s gonna come out or shell.

  5. Many do not know about Russians is that Russians are spoiled with good food for good prices during USSR. People do not know because of what we called iron curtain, it was difficult to leave USSR abroad and difficult for foreigners to go to USSR. During USSR times we had something called gost which is short for government standart and no food was sold below this level. If food was imported government would take random box from a ship, open it and if quality was lower the whole ship was sent back with cargo. So everyone only imported the best of the best. There were no play around allowed with additives. If you did you would get a warning, if you continued to produce milk with adding palm fat then you would get fired. There was no fiking around was allowed with our food and prices. Which resulted with the best foods. and people who lived in ussr were the last people to eat normal food. And so Russians who lived in ussr are really spoiled with good food. The idea was that good product does not need an advertisement or a marketing. Only bad product needed a marketing campaign to be sold. Because people would tell each other about good food. And there were almost no advertisements on tv in ussr. It is only after ussr they started to show ads every 30 minutes for 5 minutes. And the quality of food also went down with it. Anything went, they wrote on a bag of juice that it is made from fruit but tasted like it was made from a powdered drink because it was made from a powedered mix. After ussr you could lie on a product of what it is. In ussr if it said it is a juice it was a juice from a fruit not made from concentrate, it was what is said on the tin. These days I only buy one ingredient products but even that doesn’t always help because of gmo and stuff.

  6. as we live in germany and on of our basic rights is constant access to fresh water water is technically free – well you still pay but thats the service that people do like filling up the bottle and delivering it or cleaning the water so we pay like 15-25 cents per liter of water from the shop 🙂 (of course there is more expensive water but thats probably due to marketing)

  7. Are you saying yarmulke? Do you know what that means in Jewish that’s a yam kid that is Jewish religious guy goes into and where is it as the orthodox Jewish person when he goes into temple

  8. It is lovely to see your wife again, I watched the video when you went to the indoor theme park together.

  9. Далековато живёте, думала вы в Саларьево живёте😊 Я в Московском 😊

  10. Yeah, she should be appearing more in your videos, her Russian approach to things would be good too as yours. Cheers from 🇲🇽

  11. Absolutely wonderful to see your wife in the video ! She had a really nice touch to the supermarket tour !
    Congratulations on your super interesting video of Belarus products !❤


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