DYING LIGHT 2’s NEW Event is INSANE! ek iş

DYING LIGHT 2’s NEW Event is INSANE! ek iş 2022

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I gotta tell you this new event that @DyingLightGameOfficial Added in for this weekend only is so INSANE man, i did say previously i wanted more Zombies and look what we got now!


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Please ignore hateful comments, we are here to have a fun time 🙂
Relax and enjoy. Thank you – Jonathan

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“DYING LIGHT 2’s NEW Event is INSANE! ek iş” üzerine 4 yorum

  1. Really awesome and funny DL2 video on the infinite pistol event. You also got a point about Story DLC 2 I really just wanna see a teaser trailer soon. About a year ago I made videos thinking that a teaser would get a reveal last summer at Summer Games Fest or even at Gamescom. But here we are it’s almost summer 2024 with a year later and still no new reveal for Story DLC 2. Techland are definitely taking their time with this expansion and that’s good because it’ll definitely try to live up to the expectations of how good DL The Following was but potentially better and maybe longer story. DL2 may be 3 years old by the time the expansion releases and Techland would definitely need to make it feel like a brand new game when it releases because it’s gonna need to get some major attention. I know the DLC is rumoured to be called New Frontier but I guess we’ll see.

  2. I really like this event. The only thing “sad” about it – only for sidearms. It would have been soooo much more fun with unlimited shotgun ammo! THAT would have been a real blast. Sadly – again – there is nothing at the end of the rainbow meaning – nothing to earn at all such as a special charm or a special gun or whatever. Just something for maybe killing x thousand virals with handguns.

  3. I am convinced the 2022 release was public beta testing, the game has released this year
    Also no no reload whilst running that’s OP and impractical 😛


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