Does the child’s mother allow Ahmed to take care of the girl? ek iş

Does the child’s mother allow Ahmed to take care of the girl? ek iş 2022

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“In the heart of the desert, two homeless women were seeking a way to escape their harsh conditions. But with the help and support of donors, their lives were transformed.

Life in the desert is incredibly tough, but the donors decided to lend a hand to the two homeless women. By providing them with food, water, hygiene supplies, and temporary shelter, they addressed their immediate needs.

From that moment on, the lives of these two women changed. They gradually improved and were provided with opportunities for education and learning. The donors created job opportunities and educational facilities, guiding them towards financial independence and a better life.

This story demonstrates that through solidarity and helping one another, we can change people’s lives. Even in challenging environments like the desert, hope and solutions exist. The donors showed that we can all contribute to improving society and giving hope to those in need.

Let this story remind us that anyone can play a role in helping one another. With hope and faith, we can assist those who have become lost in the desert and guide them towards a better life.”
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  1. Me encantan estas mujeres Nomadas Luchadoras trabajadoras y No depende de un parásito para Tener un Hogar Gracias chicos Como siempre verlos en esa Alluda Al prójimo y desamparado necesitamos más Gente como ustedes Otra cosita ya conprelen par de piesitas de Ropa a Roya ya la va necesitando SOY Tim Roya amamos a esta Niña y deseamos verles Junto a ella sabemos que una madre siempre es necesaria en la vida y crianza De un niño Y Roya necesita de su madre Pero OJO No la suelten del todo el día que suceda esto por que ya Roya depende de ustedes Les amamos ❤ Desde Puerto Rico 😊

  2. The law needs to change. MEN WHO KICK FIRST WIFE OUT OF HOUSE WITH HET KIDS so he snd 2nd wife can live there is no right..Also they must be locked up for beating the wives 2nd wife must get locked up as well she has no right to hit 1st
    Can see these 2 guys have RESPECT FOR WOMAN. .👍

  3. Cameraman please tell the benevolence men to hire these two women to help them build the houses of those women who are in need of builders this is what you called a house and not those one windows sheds no air or light to pass thru the houses this is why they always full of sickness a house must be free and airy I could not live in those houses on back door only front door if a fire started where could they escape and some so foolish they put the toilet far from the house if you wanted to use the toilet in the middle of the night or during the winter you would have to go into the biting snow Cha man this is really backward thinking and doings but I still love how you try to help herself bless up ALL you women love from Barbados always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Beste cameraman en goede weldoeners kunnen jullie langs kanaal forlorn gaan en bouwmeester doet heel moeilijk.

  5. The women have done a very good job on their house. Very straight and smooth. They prove you don’t have to be a man to do a good job! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤ on a job well done!!!! Greetings from Washington USA 🇺🇸

  6. I don’t understand why now people are telling how to care for the dream . You guys are doing great just keep going forward.

  7. I love watching you. I hear you say viewers don’t do this and that. You are doing great I see nothing wrong with helping so many people. Thank you the little girl is so cute and well taken care of. Much love from Ohio US

  8. Ok, I know you are NOT the evil spawn of the Devil but STOP buying those evil looking dolls. And tacky looking. They are creepy.

  9. Sr. Nos da noticias da familia Sahel. Não perdia nenhum dia. Chorei muito pela morte de Fhatima. Por favor faça uma visita a eles e nos informe sobre as crianças. Se o canal não volta mais. Por favor. Amo seu canal se não fosse vcs não saberiamos de nada

  10. Vous êtes sur que ses hommes sont Musulman je ne crois pas ils sont des Mormon qui prenne des épouses ils disent qu’ils ont des révélations de Jesus Christ

  11. Bonjour Monsieur merci infiniment pour votre reportage en France nous sommes obligé de mettre un siège auto si non nous payons une amande pour protégé les enfants

  12. Me gustaria que enseñaran como funciona el toilet. Srvque no usan paper para limpiarze se limpian con las manos y se las lavan🤢🤮


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