All About the Builds | EK Expo CES24 | Day3 ek iş

All About the Builds | EK Expo CES24 | Day3 ek iş 2022

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Welcome to the third episode of EK Expo CES 2024!

The last two days were super fun and educational. We learned a lot about cutting-edge liquid cooling solutions for PCs and HPC systems, and even unveiled a couple of our new EK products!

You can watch the previous CES24 episodes here:
Day 1:
Day 2:

As for today’s episode… today we’re all about the builds!

We’ll showcase some of the latest and greatest PCs that the world of liquid cooling can offer. Some of these builds come from our amazing and special modding guests, some are made by the EK crew, but all are brimming with EK’s premium products that push the envelope of performance and design.

We’ll also get to see Joe’s QuantumX NoCase PC in its full glory and launch another brand-new AIO!

If you want to know more about our CES24 presence, visit this page:

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Why EK?

EK is the global leader in developing and manufacturing custom liquid cooling loop products, expanding its portfolio to AIO coolers, plug-and-play gaming PCs, and professional workstations. We highly recommend designing your own liquid cooling loop through our configurator to find the perfect setup for your PC. It’s quick, easy, and 100% obligation-free:

Learn more about EK and our premium liquid cooling solutions at

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  1. Just when I thought EK was just going through the motion with questionable hardware choices, they come up with a non-case case that incorporates 3 radiators. Brilliant! If the price is reasonable that will be my next build. 😃👍

  2. Said it onthe last video…. but has to be said again. NEED. THAT.”NO CASE” CHASSIS!! IMMEDIATLEY!
    If we can get a date on it, I might air cool my new build till it comes out.


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