Is EA Sports WRC with a steering wheel GOOD? ek iş

Is EA Sports WRC with a steering wheel GOOD? ek iş 2022

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As successor to Dirt Rally 2.0, I am sure many of you are wondering what EA Sports with a steering wheel is like? I try to answer that and some general handling stuff, thanks to 32 hours with a preview build. Includes Rally Sweden and Rally Scandia!

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0:00 EA Sports WRC intro
1:41 Rally Sweden (snow)
2:55 Rally Scandia (snowy ice)
4:00 Rally Kenya (dusty dirt)
6:07 Rally Monte Carlo (tarmac)
8:07 The verdict

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the video! I have 2 questions. Please tell me, is the video replay slowing down done in the game or through a third-party program? I have somewhere in YouTube video options for video replays, but I have not seen switches for playback speed. And the second question.. As far as I understand, there is no rewind function in the game?

  2. errrrmm….. You probably didnt realise, but Codemasters ditched the EGO game engine for this title. They are using he unreal game engine this time!
    We FINALLY have a codemasters racing game built on a far fresher canvas, and I hope it is something we see even in the F1 series of games. The new WRC game looks really good, cant wait to play it myself with my T300

  3. Gah o canr even watch these vids anymore, my $1500 wheel and cockpit setup was in storage in my parents shed on the coast. Its ruined, mould and rust 😢, and these just make me want to buy another one.

  4. 7:58 jeeze, what is your wheel rotation set to? 180 degrees? you didnt even turn the wheel to go around a hairpin. i have hurt of turning with the pedals, but that is a bit extreme. that looks way too twitchy, unless you are using a ridiculously low wheel rotation.

  5. too arcade. they should have made it more realistic than dirt rally 2.0, not less. but i understand they need to cater to all the console players and wrc fans that are only casual gamers.
    that could have been done via assists though.
    you can make a hard game easy, but you cannot make an easy game hard.

  6. Bro i really liked the comparison you made with real wrc footage, i’ve been telling a lot of people that in the comments, if you see real footage of wrc cars they are very grippy, doesnt matter which surface, the thing is, i think on tarmac the car might be sliding less than it should but i still need to try the game. Cheers, awesome video!

  7. I am sorry but this is ridiculous – you was testing this in February and there you got properly setup wheel rotation – I can see how much you moving the wheel and how the car react to this – then at home you got a proper Fanatec DD wheel with 1080 degrees rotation and you set it up for 180 ??? You got already previous experience then you should know how to set it up ! How you can even give any opinion on driving if you dont even drive correctly ??? OMG

  8. I see you got way too sensitive wheel setting – probably very small degrees of rotation – and the movements left to right are very sudden what sims to flip this car left to right and that why u hardly in control

  9. 7:25 you have a TSS and aren’t using it to shift or as a handbrake?! I’m shook lol. Nobody deserves the awkwardness of using a face button for handbrake.

  10. hi i really enjoyed Dirt Rally 2.0 however i found wrc generations handling much more realistic than DR 2.0 so im hoping this new ea wrc 23 game will be as good if not better than wrc gen but from what ive been viewing with various videos out there is that its more arcadey than sim like wrc generations ??? can someone confirm which is the better game in terms of force feedback and handling is it EA WRC OR WRC GENERATIONS ????

  11. Boy is there a lot of stutter… I hope they sort this. I want to play this so bad but can’t stand the stutter.


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